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Under The Oak Tree Synopsis

Under the Oak Tree is a korean novel written by Kim Soo-ji and is illustrated by artist P. It is a romantic manga which gets readers hooked as they finish reading the first chapter. It is full of romance, Fantasy and Drama.

Daughter of Duke Croix, one of the most powerful figures in the story, the stuttering Maximilian is married to a knight. Knight is Riftan Calpyse who was tasked to slay the Red Dragon Sektor by the King. Knight left Maximilian at the night of marriage.

Maximilian gets physically and psychologically abused by her father Duke. He suspects the knight will give her divorce and marry the daughter of King Reuben the princess Agnes who is known for her magical capabilities. Riftan finally returns to Maximilian after three years.

Maximilian is anxious and she doesn’t want any kind of trouble from her father. Riftan and Maxi make love that night. Next day, Riftan decides to go back to his Empire. As he leaves Maxi is thinking of her father and thinking it’s her fault that she can’t keep her husband with her.

Riftan asks Maxi to get her luggage as she will be joining him on the way to his Empire. Riftan picks up Maxi and asks his servants to get the luggage. They get into the cart and travel to Anatol. Maxi is confused why Riftan is taking her with him.

Magical creatures attack and a fight breaks out. Maxi is staying in the cart when a giant goblin tries to take her. Riftan tears him apart.

After a fierce battle the whole throng decides to take the rest and goes to the nearest town. Maxi was unconscious and finally woken up. There Riftan and Maxi make love.

Next day, Riftan decides to continue travelling. After a few days they reached Anatol. Civilians welcome the Riftan and Maxi. As they enter the castle maids and servants welcome the Riftan. Riftan tells them about his wife Maxi, all of them are obliged to know that.

Rudys Ain have prepared the bath and Riftan decides to take a shower with Maxi. There he plays with Maxi’s hair and cleans her from behind. Riftan kisses her nape and eventually they make love in Bathtub.

Maids bring really expensive and beautiful dresses for Maxi and she is notified to have dinner at the hall along with Riftan and other knights. Everyone is happy to see her, she never expected this much from herself. Maxi is much more of an insecure character which is justified by the behaviour of Duke.

A new character is introduced, he is a friend of Riftan and a magician. His name is Ruth. Ruth is such a lovely and funny character. Ruth introduces himself to Maxi and funny dialogues between Riftan and him take place.

Riftan is so possessive about his wife that he would not let her walk to their room. He carries her into his arms. Riftan asks Maxi to redecorate this castle no matter how much it costs. It’s clear that Riftan wants this place to be as cosy as possible for both of them.

In the morning, Riftan leaves for the training and to keep a check on Anatol and Maxi explores the castle with butler. At night they shower together and after dinner the Riftan takes her to the bedroom and they end up making love.

Riftan is informed that King Reuben is expecting him and his horde to be present at the celebration of his win against the Red Dragon Sektor. Riftan cannot let the King down so, he decides to go to the kingdom with his crew, leaving some men behind for the protection of Anatol.

Maxi now is in sorrow. She was exploring the castle, when she went into the library, she found out Ruth was there. Ruth recognizes she has what it takes to be a magician. She asks Ruth to teach her about the currency.

Ruth teaches her all about the continents and kingdoms. How her father Duke is such a powerful figure. He had a big piece of land for which he had to do political marriages. Later Ruth explained about the currency. Now she had a clear view of how she was going to redecorate the castle.

Maxi was now fully determined to decorate the castle. She didn’t hesitate a bit to spend money and buy new accessories for the castle. She changed the curtains, the marble and ordered maids to make clothes for soldiers for winter.

Few intruders come to the door of Anatol. Guards investigate where they belong, about their identity symbols and which family they represent. Intruders tried to get into the Anatol by force and a fierce battle broke out. They used magic spells and got into Anatol successfully.
While running Maxi fell down and there were some scratches on her knee and elbows.

Ruth is defending her. Riftan has returned and is furious to see the situation, he goes on and starts to slay every intruder he lays his eye upon. He was about to behead the leader but he turned out to be a member of the royal family.

Maxi begged Riftan to stop killing. Riftan ordered to imprison all of them, he took Maxi in her arms, went straight to the room and checked every corner of her body. He was so furious that he wanted to kill a man after spotting a scratch on Maxi’s body. But she convinced him to stop this.

They took a bath together and later had dinner. Riftan later noticed the decorations and was happy to see those changes. To strengthen the defence of Anatol, Ruth suggested making a magical barrier device.

It turned out he needed help from Maxi since she knew some magic.
She decided to help Ruth with that magical barrier device to strengthen the defence of Anatol.

She was so invested in helping Ruth that she absolutely forgot about the Riftan. When Riftan came to the library he dismissed their session of making that device and took Maxi.

For a few days Maxi helped Ruth and the device was finally prepared and was working just fine. Riftan got the news about the horde of goblins, so he had to go to deal with them. He was so confident in the magical barrier that he was sure nothing can harm Anatol now.

Next day Ruth informed Maxi that the Anatol is invaded by magical creatures like Werewolves and goblins. She went to treat the injured soldiers alongside Ruth. She was also attacked by Werewolf but was rescued by the soldier and they safely escorted her to the castle.

Soon the good news that all werewolves inside Anatol are eliminated was spread all across the Anatol. Just by dawn another good news of return of the Riftan was spread all across the Anatol. Maxi couldn’t hold herself so she went to welcome them and she threw herself into the arms of Riftan in front of everyone.

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How does Under the Oak Tree End? (Spoiler)

The beautiful masterpiece ended there. When Riftan arrived in the library, he abruptly ended their device-making session and seized Maxi. Maxi assisted Ruth for a few days, and the equipment was ultimately prepared and operating perfectly. When Riftan heard about the army of goblins, he knew he had to go deal with them. He was so certain that nothing could now hurt Anatol because of the magical barrier.

Ruth informed Maxi the next day that the Anatol had been overrun by mystical monsters such as werewolves and goblins. Along with Ruth, she proceeded to treat the injured troops. She was also assaulted by a werewolf, but the soldier saved her and took her to the castle safely.

The wonderful news that all werewolves in Anatol had been exterminated quickly circulated across the Anatol. Another excellent news of the Riftan’s return had spread over the Anatol before sunrise. Maxi couldn’t contain herself and ran to greet them, throwing herself into Riftan’s arms in front of everyone.