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Maximilian Calypse

Maximilian Calypse is the protagonist of Kim Suji’s (Korean: ) Korean light novel Under the Oak Tree and the manhwa of the same name. Maximilian is a noblewoman and Duke Croix’s eldest daughter. At her father’s request and as part of his plan to send Riftan to the dragon subjugation in his place, she marries Riftan.

Maximilian Calypse is Anatole’s woman because she is married to Riftan. She displays a desire to learn magic in the latter and is tutored by Ruth. She then joined the Remdragon Knights as a mage in the Livadon expedition; she becomes an earth-attribute wizard

Maximilian Calypse


Maxi (by Riftan)
Lady Calypse



Mud Lady


Duke Croix (father)

Aryan Roem Gorta (mother)

Rosetta Croix (younger half sister)

Elias Reuben (brother-in-law)

Abel Reuben (nephew)

Riftan Calypse (spouse)


Remdragon Knights

World Tower


Earth Attribute Wizard (World Tower)
Wizard (Remdragon Knights)

Commander of Rear Unit (2nd Monster war)

Wizard of Wedon

Castle Calyspe Healer

Lady of Anatol

Marital status


Date Of Birth

January 16 (Sabbatical Season)






162 cm


53 Kg

Eye Color



Maximilian has a slim physique and is rather lean. Because she has problems eating at times, it is uncertain if her size is a product of her upbringing. She has a doll-like appearance, with a round forehead, a petite nose, and full lips. Maximilian has wavy long red hair that extends down to her lower back and wide, downturned grey eyes. Her hair is characterized as being almost dark purple at night and gleaming a vivid crimson in the light.

Her hair is frequently described by her spouse as being the hue of clouds against a sunset. Her nose, cheeks, and shoulders are covered with light brown freckles. She usually wears her hair in braids or down, as Riftan prefers, with no changes to her hair texture. Maximilian is also prone to flushing, and her complexion pales fast when she is scared or sick.

Her outfits look to be from the 15th-16th centuries, with long, broad sleeves and plain, low-volume skirts. Due to her mistreatment, she was never given the correct garments a Lady should wear, and her gowns in Castle Croix were regarded as “homeless” in comparison to her sister’s attire. When she resided at Castle Croix, she was seen wearing basic gowns and ragged shoes, and she is only provided suitable luxury dresses when she is shown in banquets in order for the Duke to maintain their reputation.

Riftan made sure she was clothed in the most gorgeous gowns when she moved into Castle Calypse. She wore gorgeous skirts with elaborate embroidery that her husband had commissioned from a seamstress. Her hair was styled by the servants, and she donned jewelry frequently throughout the day. Maximilian preferred the colors red and green, which complimented her hair and skin tone. She was praised by the knights as being more lovely than forest nymphs. Maximilian is shown wearing utilitarian attire such as tunics and pants when undertaking an expedition to adapt to the tough traveling circumstances. She also loves to bring leather pouches and totes with her to carry her healing items.


Maximilian has a speech disability, which has manifested in her early childhood. She stutters and has a difficult time communicating. She has a very shy personality, partially due to the fact that she has been abused by her father, since she was a child. She believes herself to be inferior to others, especially to women like her sister, Rosetta, and Princess Agnes. She is left with the trauma that her father gave her and during her second encounter with Riftan, she flinches every time he raises his voice. Maximilian was reinforced with the idea that she was worthless and useless all her life, and has therefore carried this notion with her even into adulthood. Maximilian resents herself for not being as powerful as she desires, believing that no one will ever want her and that she would understand why.

She is easily frightened and disturbed; at first, the knights’ hard stares unnerved her, and she fainted at the sight of an ogre. She is frequently concerned about how she will act and how others would see her since she fears that others will dismiss her as a useless stutterer. She is a very reserved person who seldom discusses herself or her background with others. She considers herself and her abuse to be disgraceful, and she despises the idea of others viewing her as even more sad and vulnerable. Maximilian also has a tendency to underestimate herself, believing that she would be unable to do certain activities. She is easily agitated, even while discussing personal matters with others.

Unlike her father and sister, Maximilian is not snooty despite her privilege. She is a shy and nice woman who is naturally drawn to the weak and lonely. She does not want an opulent and lavish lifestyle, nor does she expect to be pampered. She is soft-spoken and kind to everyone who is nice to her, and she treats her employees with respect and care. She is frequently concerned about those she loves, such as her spouse and friends. Maximilian despises the idea of being comfortable while Riftan is away at battle, and she is concerned about his safety.

Maximilian is regarded as obstinate and hotheaded after she has broken out of her shell. She also has amazing tenacity, pushing herself to complete her responsibilities despite her fears. Those that intimidate and threaten her will find it difficult to convince her to back down, even if she is ashamed. If she feels she is in the right, and she despises losing, she will prove herself. Maximilian also has a tremendous desire to develop herself; she despises the idea of reverting to the miserable kid she was in the past, which is why she is always acquiring new skills and attempting to become stronger. She despises being labeled inept and dislikes being bored.

Story (Under the Oak Tree Manhwa):

She had a bad first night with Riftan and was terrified of him at the start of the novel, but after he returns from the expedition, she begins to fall for him and learns how to receive love for the first time.


Riftan Calypse: Riftan’s wife is Maximilian. Despite his hate for the aristocracy, Riftan has loved Maxi since before their marriage arrangement and is so dedicated to her that any woman who isn’t her turns him off. Riftan uses every chance to soothe Maxi, whether in terms of luxury or emotional support, despite the fact that they don’t know much about each other. While numerous women have fawned over him, Riftan is solely drawn to Maxi and can hardly contain his want to be with her when he is near her.